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International women’s day protest

While doing MA Multi-Media Journalism I often felt like I was spending every waking moment looking for a story, often to no avail. Funny then, that one should come and find me on the very day of our MAMMJ reunion in London on Saturday, March 7. I was milling around near Picadilly Circus when I met a real-life protest head-on.


Million Women Rise protest, London, Sunday, March 8.

Million Women Rise protest, London, Saturday, March 7.

According to the Independent, an estimated 5000 women marched on central London to campaign against domestic violence. The protest, called Million Women Rise, was organised by women’s groups to mark International Women’s Day.

It was the first major protest I’ve witnessed and I’m afraid I did the news geek/ tourist thing of taking a short video. I’ll post it on here just as soon as I’ve figured out how to “use a codec to convert 3gp files from my mobile phone for PC”. Hmm.

Strangely enough, a year to the day ago, I went to film an International Women’s Day event at Bournemouth FC for a MAMMJ tv exercise. That event, much like this protest, failed to get a lot of attention in the mainstream media. Even the Independent article above puts the protest in the context of another story. I’m really curious to know why. Is domestic violence still a taboo in a liberal country like the UK  in the twenty-first century?


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