Online Stories

Take a look at my BJTC Award-winning news website Why charity no longer begins at home


The best stories from Bournemouth during my MA in Multi-Media Journalism 2007/08

 What will become of “Townsend scum”

 Will Bournemouth flat boom be flattened?

Dorset MPs back referendum on EU reform

Call to publicise schools needing Council help


 Some recent articles I’ve written for the Kenilworth Weekly News

Kenilworth choirboys compete for a chance to sing at the Albert Hall:

Ways to combat flooding are outlined to Clinton Lane residents:

Anglers net 15lb carp as fish are moved from lake:–

Awards for air cadets Harry and Connor:

Young band Antidote claim double success:

Fairtrade football comes to Kenilworth:

Kenilworth man Geoff puts his name down for hospital trust:

How local is the food which you are eating in Kenilworth:

 China firm survives crunch and cuts costs by turning down the heat:


Articles for Music Week Magazine, August 2008

Industry “missed boat” on blu-ray this year: partners with Matter:


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